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Bread of Life course

Bread is the staple food of many cultures and has been over many centuries, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Who can resist a slice of warm, freshly baked bread with a little butter? How much more satisfying when you have baked the bread yourself?


Over 5 sessions, this course will help you to master a variety of delicious breads and buns that you can enjoy baking time and again at home. It is a hands-on course.


The majority of the flavour of bread develops during rising, largely a result of the fermentation of yeast. We don’t want to rush the process. So, some of the sessions will be longer than others. Each session we will have a  recipe sheet.

Why “Bread of Life”?

Bread has often been used as a picture of life. During each session, we will consider one of these metaphors taken from the Bible and discuss the spiritual lesson it contains. I hope you will have fun through the Bread of Life course and find your life enriched in many ways.

  John Western


Suitable for older teenagers as well from Year 10 upward.

So, parents..... is this something that you can do with your teenagers?


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