Messy Easter Sunday at Home

Welcome - Messy celebration live on Easter Day


The Messy Church Easter celebration story, told by Martyn Payne, will be available live on the Messy Church – BRF Facebook page at 5.00 pm (UK time) on Easter Sunday 12 April 2020.

The activity suggestions below will be picked up in the celebration. You might like to prepare the activities and read the short Bible story in advance, so you are ready to do them as a family before or after the livestream.

Read: John 20:19–23 – Behind locked doors.



Here are ideas to explore the story of Easter using things you’ll easily find at home. If you can’t find the exact things, what could you use instead? Your ideas might be even better!


Why not take photos of your family doing the activities and send them to us at, so that we can share these on our website and Facebook pages?

1 An Easter egg hunt


You may already have had your own Easter egg hunt earlier in the day, but why not try this second one that links to today’s story?

You will need:

  • a set of twelve Easter egg shapes cut out from card or paper

(clipart is a good source of templates)

  • felt-tip pens if you wish to colour the eggs

  • a marker pen

  • some clever ideas of where to hide the eggs around the house

On the back of each egg shape, write one letter from the sentence:

Jesus is alive.’

You might like to make enough sets for everyone involved so they can find a sentence each, or if there are non-readers in your household, draw differently coloured dots on the back of each egg and say there are twelve colours to


A further possibility that avoids reading letters would be to draw twelve differently coloured stick people representing some of Jesus’s friends who were hiding in the upstairs room on that first Easter evening.

Talk about: the good news that Mary and others had been spreading already during the first Easter Day, but also why you think most of the friends of Jesus were still scared.

2 Resurrection egg people


You will need:

  • some hard-boiled eggs

  • egg cup holders (maybe cut from the egg box)

  • washable felt-tip pens

  • glue sticks

  • wool, scraps of cloth, or anything else you have to decorate the eggs

Place each egg into its egg cup holder and decorate the egg as a person in today’s story (e.g. Mary, Peter, John, Jesus). Stick on fabric headgear as well as drawing eyes and faces on the eggs. Alternatively, the eggs could be painted with traditional Eastern European designs for Easter Day, such as triangles spirals, tripods dots and hearts (search online for European Easter Egg designs).

Talk about: which people were involved in the Easter Day story. Why do you think an egg has become a
symbol for Christians of what happened at Easter?

3 A brand new start


When Jesus met his disciples in the upstairs room, he breathed his Holy Spirit on them. They were being offered a brand-new start as God’s forgiven people, filled with the Spirit of God.

You will need:

  • some dirty copper coins

  • white vinegar

  • table salt

  • shallow bowls

  • water

  • gloves

  • cloths or kitchen roll

Put your dirty pennies in the bowl and cover them with salt. Pour over a little white vinegar and watch it fizz! Wearing gloves, rub the salt and vinegar mix over both sides of the pennies. Take the pennies out and wash off the mixture in clean water. Rub the pennies so they shine. Alternatively, you might like to search for some objects in the home that are tarnished and dirty and challenge the family to clean themup to become bright and sparkling new again.


Talk about: Easter being God’s gift of a brand-new start for everyone who believes in Jesus.

4 The empty tomb


Mary Magdalene was the first to find that the stone had been rolled away on Easter morning and later the first to meet Jesus alive in the garden. Death could not lock him up, and then later in the story, a locked door couldn’t keep him out!

You will need:

  • a space in your house by a doorway

  • blankets

  • a white sheet

  • chairs

  • cardboard

  • a table

  • anything else to hand

Using the materials, create a den-like cave with a doorway that is blocked by something that represents the stone that was rolled over the tomb. If you can, darken the room and then slowly let the light in as you roll the stone away to ‘discover’ that it’s empty inside except for the strips of cloth that had been around the body! Here is an Easter Celebration song you can sing together to add to the drama.

Talk about: how amazed the disciples were to discover that the body had gone. Consider all the explanations they might have come up with.

5 Eat the Story

This edible activity is a way to recap on the whole of the Holy Week story that leads up to the mystery and miracle of Easter Day.

You will need:

  • a slice of bread

  • margarine or butter

  • chocolate broken into chunks

  • jam

  • sunflower seeds (or something else that is edible and leaf-shaped)

  • dark food colouring

  • butter/margarine

  • cheese cut up into small chunks

  • butter knives

Put on to your slice of bread a series of edible objects that link to the Holy Week story. Lightly spread butter or margarine on to your bread so the objects stick. Arrange bits of chocolate into the shape of the donkey from Palm Sunday and then put next to it sunflower seeds (or something green and edible) to represent the palm leaves.


Drop some dark food colouring on to the bread like footsteps to remind you of how Jesus washed his disciples’ dirty feet. Spread and shape a small blob of jam into the cup of wine that they drank at the last meal and beside it put two chunks of cheese to represent the bread they shared.


Use some of the crust from the slice of bread to make a small cross and then beside it cut a hole and use the cut-out piece as the stone that was rolled away from the empty tomb.


Talk about: (as you eat it) the story of Jesus in his last week and how he loved his friends right to the very end.

Messy Easter meal idea


In Luke’s account of Jesus appearing to the disciples through the locked door, he tells us that Jesus ate
some fish to prove he wasn’t a ghost!

Why not cut some sandwiches in the shape of a fish, or make a dish with tuna? And, shopping and stocks allowing, make a favourite dessert normally linked to a party, such as colourful jelly and ice cream! Easter is the party of all parties!

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