Messy Good Friday at Home



It’s great to be together!


First of all, wash your hands… then pick your favourite Messy Church song to sing – you can probably find a version on YouTube to sing along to if you need some help.



Here are ideas to explore the story of Easter using things you’ll easily find at home. If you can’t find the exact things, what could you use instead? Your ideas might be even better!


Why not take photos of your family doing the activities and send them to us at, so that we can share these on our website and Facebook pages?

1 Easter gardens


You will need:

  • an old plate, a paper plate or a foil dish

  • soil

  • greenery and flowers

  • aluminium foil

  • sticks; string

  • stones or clean yoghurt pots


Make an Easter garden on a plate, with Jesus’ tomb made out of stones or

a yoghurt pot covered in greenery and Jesus’ cross made out of two sticks

tied together with string. Fill the rest of the space with moss, grass, flowers

and even a tiny pond made from foil.

Talk about: what happened on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

2 Prayer crosses


You will need:

  • a bowl of water

  • paper

  • a pen

  • scissors


Cut a small (roughly 10cm tall) cross shape out of the piece of paper (keep all the arms of the cross an equal length and short enough to fold over the centre easily). Draw or write a sorry prayer on the cross shape.

Fold the ‘arms’ over the centre with a nice sharp crease so you end up with a square-ish shape.

Drop it on to the surface of the water and watch the arms open up (see Prayer Flowers for further details).

Talk about: how Jesus dying on the cross and rising to new life means that all the things we do wrong can be forgiven.

3 Planting seeds


You will need:

  • flowerpots

  • soil or compost

  • a packet of seeds or apple, satsuma or orange pips

  • water


Plant the seeds in the pots and water them.

Talk about: the way you have to bury the seeds as if they are dead, so that they can change from being a seed to being a plant – the same but totally different. Like Jesus when he died and came back to life – the same person but totally different!

4 Easter new life butterflies

You will need:

  • paper

  • paint

  • brushes

  • water


Fold the paper in half and open it up again. On one half of the paper, put blobs of colour, roughly in the shape of half a butterfly, but you don’t need to be too exact.

While the paint is still wet, fold the paper again and press the two halves together firmly, then open up and see if it looks anything like a butterfly! No doubt it will be beautiful anyway.


​Talk about: the way it looks as if a caterpillar is dead when it turns itself into a chrysalis, but it comes to life again in a new and beautiful way. Jesus’ body was wrapped up like a chrysalis and he came back to life in a wonderful new way.

5 Jesus colouring



You will need:

  • coloured pens or pencils

  • a print-off of the following picture:


This picture came from the New Zealand Messy Churches, where the spiralling fern is an important symbol. Colour in the picture together or colour in a version each.


Talk about: what the symbols say about Jesus.


You’ll find more ideas on our Messy Church Pinterest board.


You could watch Dave the Donkey, which tells the Easter story from the Palm Sunday donkey’s point of view, or read the Bible story from a family Bible together. Ask if anyone would like to say anything.


Then simply pray the Lord’s Prayer, with or without actions, and the Messy Grace.

Eat together


Don’t forget to have something to eat together!

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